6 Simple & Fast Haircare Tips That Save Your Time!

6 easy and fast haircare tips to save time by LoveBy

We all wish to have healthy and gorgeous hair. Right? And at the same time we are more and more busy, especially now when the spring is just right here. There are so many things that need to be done before the summer can start.
But then how could you take care of your hair when other things keep you busy? That's what our haircare month is made for - we will share with you 6 simple, fast and practical haircare tips that you can use in your everyday life. These will definitely save some valuable time of yours!
LoveBy recommends to sleep on a silk
1. Sleep on a silk
Have you felt that in the morning it's hard to brush hair? A silk pillow will help give a more slippery surface for the hair and avoid excess friction, resulting in less repeat styling and brushing. That way your hair won't get roughed and tangled during the night.
LoveBy hairwash tips
2. Keep conditioner away of your hair-roots
As the scalp natural condition is oily, apply conditioner a bit away from your scalp to avoid weighing down hair. That could help to lengthen the time when your hair is fresh, clean and pretty!
LoveBy tips for wavy hair
3. Sleep with wet hair 
If you have long or medium-length hair, wash it the night before, fasten in a bun on topt of your head, and sleep with it. You can use Invisibobble hairrings for sleeping, as they don't leave too intense waves. By morning, you will have wild and free waves.
LoveBy hair tips
4. Drying Towel 
If you are not a fan of wavy hair, use a drying towel after washing your hair. It helps to reduce frizz and drying time, make hair more manageable while styling. This means more time for us!
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Probably you have felt that some mornings are too short, but your hair would need an extra boost and volume? Then grab for a dry shampoo! Apply it thoroughly at the roots then blast out with a dryer. This way you remove the product to get rid of excess dirt and oils. You can find the best dry shampoos from  Batiste here.
LoveBy beautystore haircare tips
6. Toothbrush & Holding Spray 
To lock down stray hairs, spritz holding spray onto a toothbrush, then brush around the part, hairline and above the ears. Let's take control of even the smallest stray hairs!
Hope you find these tips useful. We love to help you!
Have a wonderful hair!
Yours, LoveBy

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