Best Beauty Essentials for Festival Season

Best Beauty Essentials for Festival Season

Festival season is officially opened and there are many festivals coming up. Here are some of the best beauty products with the best quality that come in mini sizes, so that while you are enjoying festival, your favorite beauty products could be right next to you.


This hairbrush will take care of even the most curliest hair. And its size is so compact that you can take it with you everywhere you go. And always have perfect hair and even make some awesome hairstyles with help of this little hairbrush.

Festival season is the perfect time to make perfect hairstyles with Invisibobble traceless hair ring. You can make different hairstyles, starting with a simple bun and later turn your hair into pretty braids. Festival season is all about original hairstyles and Invisibobble can help you achieve that.


Matte lipsticks has been the latest trend in the make-up world. And did you know, that you can use these pigmented colors as eyeshadows as well? Allow yourself to go a little bit off the normal road and create some awesome make up with this The Balm Meet Matt(e) Huge lipstick - one color for lips and eyeshadows.

Blush, contour and highlight on your skin can never be too much for festival season. Get that extra glow with The Balm Hawaii Face Palette and don't be afraid to use some glitters as well. This is your time to glow!


Most of the festivals last up to 2 days, and the most important thing is to always have that freshness in your hair. And this job perfectly does Batiste Dry Shampoo. What is awesome, that this dry shampoo is also available in travel size. Keep your hair always fresh!


These are only few of the travel size beauty products that we suggest you to take them with you in the festival you plan to go to. For more, go to section Festival Special and discover more products with awesome discounts. 

Have an awesome summer full of festivals!

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