Celebrating Mother's Day

LoveBy blog post: Celebrating Mother's Day

It started in the USA, when Anna Jarvis held a campaign to make "Mother's Day" a recognized holiday in 1905. She believed that mother is "the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world".
The celebration date differs from country to county. In most of the places, it is held on the second Sunday of May. 
The way how Mother's Day is celebrated can be also be different - in some countries people pray in churches in honor of mothers, some give gifts to express love and some have dinner at home with all family. The main idea is to respect, love your mother and to express it on this very day.
We, LoveBy, also celebrate the holiday in honor of our beloved mothers. To make the day even happier, we are having a give-away on our facebook pages  - LoveBy.ee, LoveBy.lv and LoveBy.eu. What is the prize? Of course a shiny and delicious perfume
What would the perfect gift for your precious mom? A PERFUME! LoveBy recommends the following ones: 
Celebrate the beauty of the city in springtime with this deliciously feminine scent, as delicate as the first apple blossom in Central Park. Top notes are grapefruit, magnolia, basil, apple, apricot, blackcurrant buds. 
A bright bouquet of fresh florals, Daisy Blush is a sparkling and spirited version of Daisy by MARC JACOBS. It opens with a dewy combination of water lily and pear, while subtle hints of honeysuckle mingle with precious woods for a warm, dry base.
 A fresh, indulgent, and fulfilling fragrance for a feminine, independent woman.Ma Vie is a fragrance that captures the intimate essence of the BOSS Woman’s independent spirit, releasing the indulgent and fulfilling sensation of simply savoring life – her life.
Hope you will find the ideal gift for Mother's Day! 
Happy holidays!
Yours, LoveBy

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