The best time to take care of your pretty hair!

How to use different haircare products by LoveBy

And it's already April - a month full of happiness and joy!
Now it's the perfect time to take care of our precious hair. We believe that the winter has been tough and hence we need to pay extra attention to our beloved hair.
To make it easier for you, we are offering up to -20% discount on haircare products.
Probably you are wondering what product would suit the best for you? To help you out with this, we are offering a "what-and-when" list about our haircare products.
Batiste dryshampoo is definitely one of the must-have products at your home. There are some days when you are in a hurry and your hair needs some boost to look gorgeous. Grab a your favorite Batiste and you will get volume hair and fresh scent for the whole day! By the way - we have a BRAND NEW dryshampoo in our store, check it out from here. 
Invisibobble hairrings are super comfy and effective ties to braid you hair with. You can use them to get a fancy hairstyle, a simple ponytail or even a messy bun.
We are also offering you the best hairbrushes in the world - Tangle Teezer. Have you heard about the magic they can do? They are perfect for dry and wet hair to detangle it without causing any pain.
From our Tigi products you can find shampoos, balsams and masks that nourish and moisturize hair. The products also improve your hair's health for stronger, more manageable hair. Pamper your hair!
As we are giving you 10-20% discount on haircare products, isn't now the best time to get these for yourself? We totally deserve the best.
Have a wonderful haircare-month!
Yours, LoveBy

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