What is the difference between FOREO toothbrushes?

What is the difference between FOREO toothbrushes?

We are pretty sure that you have already noticed our FOREO electrical toothbrushes. But have you also noticed what is the difference between the 4 types? They are all with silicone bristles and are suitable for all age groups, providing hygienic brushing solution. So which ones might be the best fit for your family?

A complete oral care solution, ISSA combines Sonic Pulse Technology and a revolutionary silicone design for a brushing experience unlike any other. Get a whiter, brighter smile while massaging your gums with silicone bristles that are incredibly soft and ultra-hygienic. If you have more sensitive gums, go with this one!


ISSA Hybrid incorporates durable PBT polymer and ultra-soft silicone into one remarkable sonic toothbrush. This innovative cross-design offers an invigorating clean that is strong on plaque, but gentle on gums, for the perfect brushing experience.


The ISSA mini brings something to the bathroom countertop for users of all ages by merging a fun and bold silicone design with innovative Sonic Pulse Technology. Suitable for ages 5+. Little teeth also need best care, right?


This is for your smallest one: for 0-5 year olds! The ISSA mikro is the only baby electric toothbrush to combine silicone bristles with gentle sonic pulsations, making it a safe, effective and fun way to teach your children to brush their teeth.

Read more about FOREO ISSA's benefits from here

Now you definitely know the difference between FOREO toothbrushes.

Make your choice!




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