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Collistar Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin 200ml


Brand: Collistar

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Collistar Men Perfect Adherence Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin, Cosmetic 200ml, cosmetic for Men.

This shaving foam guarantees a dual result: a flawless shave and an effective treatment for the skin tissues. Thanks to its innovative texture it is quick and easy to apply and adheres perfectly to all parts of the face for the entire process, ensuring a smooth shave. The formula, rich in beneficial active principles such as vitamins, glycerol and menthol, protects and moisturises the skin, giving an immediate comfortable sensation and preventing irritation and the annoying ‘razor burn’. Alcohol-free, enriched with extract of chamomile for an intensive calming, anti-reddening action.


Shake before use. Wet the face with warm water, apply the foam massaging lightly and then shave.